How to Create a Serial Fiction Pitch Deck

When I began thinking about how to let people know about what I was working on, I was stumped. Serial fiction is all words and no pictures. I have no amazing videos or voice overs to use. My blurb was five sentences. How could I convert that into a one sentence strap line aka elevator pitch?

When in a quandary, research, analyze, brainstorm and the research some more! Finally, just get it done. Now that I’ve got my deck done, I get to blog about it. Hopefully, the information helps another author make their deck or promo.


In making the Destiny Hex pitch deck, I was inspired by the TV pitch version as well as the show bible for Stranger Things (linked below). I took a bit from each one. The finished deck includes:

  • A strap or tag line
  • Stated the consequences or stakes
  • Backstory, history or theme : Since Hex is litrpg, it was necessary to explain quite a bit of info. Condensing the theme, worldbuilding and information about the game was a big challenge.
  • Show how things work in this “world”
  • Repeat or add to consequences
  • Cast of main characters : Some pitches have very detailed information. I chose to go the opposite direction. I only used a representative picture, a name, role and two quotes.
  • Kindle Vella information : It’s a new platform and Amazon’s information about it is minimal. I put in the minimum.
  • Contact information
  • Credits : Spread the creative love and minimize legal tangles.

Your project can have whatever you want in it. I studied various pitch decks and picked out elements that fit my story genre and story material. I suggest you do the same.

Inside a Serial Fiction Pitch Deck

Historically, pitch decks were used to introduce television shows or screenplays to studios and potential investors. A pitch desk not only shows the “bones” of the show but it reveals how much work the creators have put in – brainstorming, firming up the story, thinking of the characters, early world building, target audience, proposed budget, and financing needs.

Pitch decks are still in use today. Corporate startups have adopted the practice for investor pitches. Authors can use a pitch deck to walk through their story for planning or promotional reasons.

For me, the process of creating my deck was beneficial. I was able to really think about what was important, essential and total fluff in my overall plot. I had to think about what to reveal, what to hint at and what to exclude. My worldbuilding got quite a bit of polishing.

For research and inspiration, here are examples and how tos:

Making a Pitch Deck

I used what apps I already had – Keynote presentation app and Acorn graphic editor. I decided on a slideshow style because it’s what I was familiar with.

  • The deck format is entirely up to you. It can be:
  • A multi-page Word document with embedded images
  • A PDF with images and videos
  • A slideshow presentation
  • An Instagram story
  • A YouTube video
  • One or more pages on your website
  • A business card with a cover on one side. The tag line and Vella info goes on the reverse side.

The key idea is to use a format and structure that effectively delivers your pitch. Your pitch can give new meaning to the word brief or be a hefty 30 slide work of art.

Where to Pitch

Unlike the days of yore, you don’t have to travel or drive to meet with investors and producers one on one. Use social media, book sites and connections to get the pitch out about your latest serial fiction creation.

  • Author site or blog
  • Facebook post
  • Twitter post
  • Pinterest post
  • Instagram post
  • YouTube post
  • Add the link to your signature of any forums you use
  • Add a link to your bio. Here’s how I did it on my Sleek bio.
  • Mention and link in a mailing list or newsletter

Keep Pitching

For me, marketing has always been difficult. It simply does not come naturally to me. But having this pitch deck makes talking about my stories much easier. It’s also a good way to introduce serial fiction to people unfamiliar with the concept.

Good luck with your pitch deck! Comment with your questions or to share your deck.

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