Move aside, Scully and Mulder, Bayne and Blisse are here! Meet the newest dynamic duo on Kindle Vella.

Alex Bayne has a purpose – finding gifted people like himself and offering them a job, training and a home safe from suspicion and uncertainty. CJ Blisse has a direction – far, far away from Alex. As you can see, purpose and direction can indeed have two entirely different meanings.

Their paths collided years ago. The adventure did not end well. She thought he had died and mourned him deeply. He knew what she presumed and kept his very much alive status a secret. Upon discovery that Alex did still breathe, CJ ejected him and the organization they both worked for out of her life.

Fate has been moody of late and now have cause to summon both back into action. By chance, the strongest lead to the whereabouts of the lost Leape Legacy falls into Alex’s hands. He is eager to begin the chase but Darius Leape intuits that better fortune awaits if Alex had a partner.

Truth vs Deception

Alex Bayne is the man that cannot be deceived, a veritable Compass of Truth. CJ Blisse is the woman whose power makes her Deception Incarnate. The chance of an uneventful mission is nil. But the possibility of success is within grasping distance. The Leape Legacy has been missing for two generations. Darius cannot rest until it’s found.

This serialized adventure starts on Kindle Vella in July 2021 released via Kindle IOS and Unsure if this story is for you? Have no fear, below is an excerpt to tempt and treat.

bayne and blisse excerpt

Just the Facts

Genre: Paranormal Mystery Romance

Main Characters: Alex Bayne, CJ Blisse, Darius Leape and Roslyn Belasco

Is this about Misunderstood Mutants, Supernatural Beings that Glow or Flawed Superheroes? No one is covered in fur, hates sunlight or has the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes. Not every mission hinges on saving the world from aliens or ancient gods.

Bayne and Blisse is about people you pass by on the street every day. They are teachers, firemen, accountants, performers, and that waiter you forgot to tip last week. It’s about decisions made that have consequences decades later. It’s simply different and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Any other interesting tidbits? The legacy was conceived by Lucas Leape, Alan Turing and Winston Churchill at Bletchley Park. Are your gray cells working overtime now?

Quotable Quotes

They’ve seen me naked. Kill them all!

CJ Blisse