Top 10 Amusing Driving Rules in South Africa

Driving is universal but every country has a “driving culture.” Below is South Africa’s driving practices and habits. Keep them in mind if visiting South Africa is on your bucket list.

10 Driving Rules in South Africa
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10 Driving Rules in South Africa

  • Like any other activity according to our transportation law, you need a driver’s licence to drive a vehicle on the road.
  • Go through a test (both written & practical) on the road which is always rigged/sold in the black market.
  • Obtain a licensing card which officially allows an individual to drive on the road.
  • While driving on the road there are roadblocks with installed cameras by traffic cops to do random check- up’s on road users such as excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol, expiry of the licensing card/car roadworthiness, sometimes they’re involved in car collisions (accidents).
  • In our cases, our traffic cops are not well paid by the government, so they devise means to generate extra income, e.g. soliciting bribes to avoid issuing a spot fine.
  • On the other hand, drivers also create cunning ways to avoid paying fines, by showing respect and humbling themselves to traffic cops to go easy on them.
  • On these roadblocks the traffic cops find (expose) interesting, weird and outright scary items, such as smuggled guns, booze (alcohol), smuggled young children from neighbouring countries.
  • A Demerit system will be introduced in July 2021, where it will serve as a punishment to eliminate/reduce some of these bad prevalent offences, as we have high car collisions, car hijackings and lawlessness on the roads. Let us see how long it will last?
  • Most of our roads are unroadworthy. There are all kinds of vehicles on the road, such as unregistered, expired licences, and unroadworthy taxis that transport 67% of the citizens/passengers(moving coffins).
  • Funny one to share is the Taxi vehicle bumper sticker that says, ” This taxi stops anywhere, anytime with no advance warning, so follow at your own risk”.

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